Sims 4: Seasons Expansion – First impressions

I have to admit that before Seasons expansion, I do not play Sims 4 because I am bored. Probably from being frustrated because this game is not even half of what I expected it to be when it first came out. For me, in all honesty, this game looks like a super upgrade of the Sims 2.

When the ad came out seasons expansion, I could not resist buying its pre-order. The reason is that I LOVE The Sims series and I will keep on supporting this game even if my expectations were not met as a gamer and I will still keep on collecting the game.


And finally, June 22, 2018 arrived. Since I pre-ordered this game, I went right ahead and see how EA did Seasons expansion on TS4. This expansion, got me really hooked up in the game. The effects of the weather had me playing this game for long hours again.


One thing I always look forward are the festivities and I love how they created this calendar as well as you can create your own holiday. Also, like in the Sims 3 you can make the seasons longer and option out rain and thunderstorms as well.


From spring LOVE DAY to winter’s WINTERFEST.  I love that they created a Santa Sim during Christmas.

07-15-18_12-37-27 AM

I hope EA will continue to create wonderful expansions like Seasons.

Overall, This expansion is one of the best expansions in SIMS 4 and I give it  a 10/10.

07-15-18_12-37-36 AM

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