Behind the Canvas

Art sure is everywhere. It is actually very diverse and general. A lot of people rely on Art for inspiration, some for creativity, others as an escape goat of reality or an expression of one’s self.


You can see Art everywhere, even in the dirtiest and ugliest streets where you can see Graffiti. They say that Graffiti is not a form of art and for me it is an art placed in a  inappropriate canvas (city’s street wall).  Everyday we see art – In music, the creativity of the mind to formulate words of expression in a song, drawing of realistic/fiction still life, scene or portraits , photography – capturing the wonder’s of nature and moments of life freezing it in time for a wonderful memory. Writing and making stories from all ages is also a form of Art. Even those pots that we have at home were done with Art – Pottery. I can go all day enumerating how art is applied in our lives.

Everyone of us has this thing called creativity. You may not be good in drawing, but you are good with words and you write that to inspire other people. Sharing our respective art in different form is what I call . . .


“Art is a window to a person’s heart”

It is truly amazing how art is incorporated in our daily lives. I cannot imagine a life without Art. Do you? . . .


It would be dull… 

To all other artists out there sharing their Art in different styles and kind. Thank you. Keep sharing and inspire other people.

❤ Kath


  1. Graffiti is most certainly art: many pieces of graffiti I’ve seen look as though they took a great deal of skill and practice to create. I wouldn’t even say it’s art on inappropriate canvases, but art in places where those in power have deemed improper.

    1. I don’t have anything against graffiti, i personally see it as an art🙂. But I read that graffiti is not an art but a vandalism thats why in my opinion, its an art on a inappropriate canvas.

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