Stardew Valley Game: A day at the farm

Spring is almost over in my game and its time to wrap up the season. The last day of spring before summer comes, it was raining in the farm.20180504172210_1


I actually did some spring cleaning in my farm already, harvested the rest of the crops and shipped them to the bin for profit. Those crops that does not have a star (high quality) crops. I throw them to the seed maker and plan to make use of them when next spring comes up next year.

Because when season changes, the farm has some random woods, grass, weeds and trees scattered all over so I cut all those grasses and trees all around the farm and stack them all for the animals to feed on during winter times and make use of the wood for building/crafting.


Now, its time to tend the animals. I got tons of eggs from the chicken coop and a decent amount of milk from the cows and goat. The pigs were not able to give me truffles today since its raining and they stay inside the barn.

Spring won’t be complete in Stardew Valley without the Flower dance. It is celebrated on the 24th of the month. The mayor always sends an invitation/reminder for the town event and I thought of who will my character’s partner for the dance back then.

I ended up picking Sam. Sam




And just when you know crazy stuff is also ending up. Before the season ends














And Uncle Gus saves the day with a plot in mind. LOL !



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