Game Review: My time at Portia

Disclaimer: This review is solely my opinion and my experience with the game. This review is not sponsored.


Hello everyone!,

It’s been awhile since I posted a game review. Recently, I had purchased this game on STEAM because it is very similar to Stardew Valley. It is retailed for $19 and was released last January 2018 on Early Access. A sandbox simulation RPG game developed by Pathea Games. This is a single player game and I have personally played this for 1 hour.

My first impression on this game’s graphics is fantastic, the character reminds me of Sim’s 4 because you can dress it up. Honestly, I stopped playing this after an hour due to feeling nauseated. I am one of those players who are sensitive to different graphics style so I pretty much choose the games I play and I have lots of games I purchased like Outlast, H1Z1, Evil within and ended up not being able to play it because of the camera’s movement it makes me nauseous. I guess I have that video game induced motion sickness. Don’t get me wrong, the art style is great and colorful. It would have been wonderful if the camera style is like Stardew Valley’s its steady, this game’s camera  is a third person style most likely on these games I get dizzy.  I had tried to decrease the sensitivity of the mouse in game and hopefully it will help but I still feel dizzy.


Moving on with the game itself. You start with a run down house you inherit from your Pa, very similar to other farming games that you start off with an old ruined house that needs repair. I have noticed that this game is mostly crafting. Unlike any other farming games, you level up in this game.

The game also features a vast space with some mobs like MMO style. You can kill it and it gives you loots. There are also town events or festivities like other farming games and of course you can marry just anyone in the game except for married ones. The game features mining and farming as well and like I said it is focused on crafting.

Overall, this game is wonderful I give it a 9/10

As much as I would love to continue playing this game and sadly not and just thinking about it breaks my heart 💔 due to the fact that I feel nauseated 🤢while playing.  I really recommend this game to everyone who is looking for a casual farming game with lots of things to do.




Some of the townies…


2 thoughts on “Game Review: My time at Portia

  1. What a good score, 9 out of 10! I sponsored the Kickstarter and I’m eagerly waiting for the Switch version. Haven’t played it on steam and frankly, haven’t looked at lots of impressions yet, as I want to be surprised. But I couldn’t resist checking out your score!

    1. Thank you for reading. I don’t want to be a bias because i just cant play the game with my game induced nausea lol. If it weren’t, this game is my second fav to stardew valley. 😁

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