Sneak Peak: “Bloom”

Another artwork I have been working on recently is this floral themed oil painting. I wanted it to look anime or cartooned styled for fun. Honestly, I am not even half way done on this piece. This is a huge canvas and every time I work on it I have a different imagery in mind that I want to incorporate in this piece. I believe I am not one of those artists who, already have a set of image in their minds which they paint in on their canvas.  During my free time is where I continue this piece so it might take me awhile to finish.

IMG_1948Working with oil painting, I  noticed that it is more convenient for me to do now a days considering my other priorities in life and I can go back and paint for a couple of minutes to an hour or so whenever I wanted.  This piece will most likely be one of those artworks that I will work for months and I can’t wait to see the finish outcome and share it with you all!.

Thank you for reading! Have an artsy day!

❤ Kath


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