Art Haul


I have been running out of titanium white oil paint recently and I thought I’d look out for other Gamblin oil colors as well while shopping for paints. I do most of my shopping online since I don’t have time to drive and check on our local Art stores.  I usually buy at jerryartarama’s and at that time they were on sale for Gamblin oil paints so I bought a bunch. I love the pastel like colors of the paint it has great consistency and really easy to work with.

3.pngI tried these Faber-Castell Polychromos and they are really pigmented ❤ I love how the colors turned out in my recent drawing Poppy.

12.pngAnother colored pencil I bought is the Prisma Color Premier. I stumble upon these pencils when I was browsing at They were on sale and I just cant let it pass :D. I have not personally tried them but will do try them next time ;).

4.png Working with colored pencils, having the blender and the burnisher is a must. I have used these on my recent drawing along with the Faber-Castell Polychromos. I would say they are pretty decent but judging from the outcome when I blend my colors, its seems a little stiff for me. It does blend the color but the kind of blending that I want does not come out with this pencil blender and I am still on the look out for a better one.


Sketchbooks is something I need because I ran out of it. I was thinking I had a bunch of them but I could not find one.  This is a great sketch book if you want to detach your drawing and place it somewhere else. It is pre-lined where you can rip off the page. Its also acid free and great with dry media.

2.pngTalking about hoarding art stuffs. Really…I am one of those people. I was making centerpieces for my son’s 1st birthday party and I needed a wood paint so I purchased the white color and I saw these while checking out at the cashier and decided to buy it thinking “I might need these in the future”. They are pretty cheap maybe about $2.00 each pack. I can’t wait to use them on DIY wood project , some of which I use it as a decor at home :).


These were actually freebies from my recent purchase at Jerrysartarama’s . Thank you so much for these!. Although I don’t use acrylics in painting but I will sure find something where I can make good use of these 😀

Well another great products stashed in my haul for my future artworks!.  Thanks for reading! Have an artsy day ! ❤

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