Stardew Valley Game Review




This game was released February 26th, 2016. When I saw this game a month after its release, I get all excited and I purchased it without hesitation due to the fact that it resembles the good old Harvest moon game. My purchase was worth it. This game made me purchased a copy on PS4 as well! 😁, I purchased the physical copy because I like to add this one in my Game Collection. I would say ..this game is by far the most outstanding Harvest Moon style game I had ever played!. There is so much in this game that I don’t even know where to start. The producer of this game really took it to the next level. The game play is pretty basic, its like how you play Harvest moon. Your character can be married to the eligible bachelors in town. You can cook, You can plant crops (of course), Fish, Mine, and log. There are also in game quests that you can accomplish and some other recurring quests you can do. Recently they have announced that there will be multiplayer on this game coming 2018 and so we will see about that. I just wish they would add more villagers with story and more quests to add flavor in the game.