Wild Season


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This was released December 7, 2015. I purchased this game March 30, 2016. I was excited to play this game because of the graphics and the Harvest moon feel of the game. But I was so disappointed when I finally got my hands on this game. First off, there is so many bugs in game that I could’t even count, bulletin info missing and character floating that looks like teleporting. I played this game for 11 hours just to see if it was worth while but I feel like I wasted my time and money on this game.I just cant give it a thumbs up. I feel like it is too early for the developers to release this game considering the bugs. If you are looking for a game like this I would suggest Stardew Valley instead. This game is $16.99 and it is not worth it and it is nothing compared to Stardew Valley which is $14.99. I gave 2 stars considering the graphics is cute. This game has a potential its just too soon to be released.