Steam Haul before the year ends!

Ok! First off! I am so excited to try out this Steam Link since I am pregnant and can’t stay long enough like I used to in front of my PC. I had been using NVIDIA shield to connect my games through TV. You have to have an NVIDIA graphics card to use it and I am not a NVIDIA user. I instead use my hubby’s PC since he uses NVIDIA and I could not use it all the time since he is also using his PC to play his games. I have seen steam link before and never thought of buying it until today. I got a  steam gift card for christmas gift so I used it to purchase this thing, now! cheers to the start of gaming via couch like playing on a console system! img_3049

And these are the games I had purchase from steam since they are having a Steam Winter Sale!. How nice!, almost all of their games are on sale.  I got Dead Secret since I like playing games like Nancy Drew (Detective style). But if it is a Nancy Drew game, I would buy the physical copy just because I like collecting them.

I had been wanting to purchase this game since it came out but I don’t know what happen back then why I did not purchase it, but since they are having it almost 50% off why not get it! ❤


Recently I had been wanting casual games and I saw this, its been around since 2014. This game is a simulation game. I would compare it to Sim City sort of like game, building your own town.banished

This!!! Sims 4 Expansion: City Living, although I don’t often play it now a days. For the love of Sims!! Yes!!, its for my collection. ❤

If you are a game lunatic like me and would like to purchase some games for fun. You can buy it at steam, you need to be a steam user of course. If you are not, you need to download their client first, you can download it here and start buying your games. They have a winter sale event and alot of their games are almost 50% off!. They are having it only until January 2, 2017. Have fun! Happy New Year everyone!

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