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The Sims has been around for years. I had played The Sims 1 and 2 before this game came out. This game had its big leap, from graphics to its open world. I love ❤ the open world feature of this game where you can freely interact with almost anything inside the game. There is also a separate Custom World application downloadable ( for PC users only) that you can download and make your own custom world, from a fantasy  to a realistic world, its all up to you. The only complain that I had for this game is when the Late Night expansion pack came out. I was expecting that when you go to different places you see alot of sims. I had to use a MOD to make at least 50% of the Sims come to the place I go to, example is a night club. The night  clubs are almost empty which made the game boring. Thanks to whoever made that MOD i downloaded, I at least have 50% of the sims coming in and joining my Sim in that night club. Given the feature of an open world. This game tends to take time to load/save depending on your computer. You have to have a decent or excellent graphics card,RAM and processor if you want to play this game to almost “No Lag”. That is one of the complaints of other Sims players. But a game like this of course will run smoothly with a good computer engine.