Book πŸ“š Ecstatic πŸ€“

Even though I am bad in story writing, aside from Painting, reading fantasy books is my thing. I started reading teen fantasy books back in my high school days. It’s what you call, my kind of chill 😊.

I purchased some books a couple months ago and I had finished reading it. It’s called The Midnight Witch and Miss Peregrine: Home for the peculiar children. I love reading Fiction/Fantasy books, so I told my husband I want another book to readπŸ˜….

As promised by my dear husband. He took me to Barnes and Noble, one of the stores that sells mainly books yesterday and had me grab a few books that I like. And I thought I want to read Harry Potter Book Series. I only grab Book 1 to 3. I will just purchase the rest once I finish book 2. I might have to order it online or go to a different Barnes and noble’s bookstore because they don’t have the Book 4.I watched the movie but I haven’t read the book. Plus there is also another newly released book of Harry Potter. I plan to read these books from Book 1 to the Last 😊.

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