Nancy Drew: Ghost of Thornton Hall Story Summary

I had purchased this game a couple months ago and decided to finish it. This is actually one of my favorite chapter of Nancy Drew games from HER interactive.


The Ghost of Thornton Hall revolves around the Thornton family. The family had a dark past which divided this family. thornton familJessalyn, Clara’s daughter went missing after she and her best friend Addison Hammond visited the uninhabited Thornton Hall on an island off the coast of Georgia for a pre-wedding celebration and sleepover. She is bound to tie the knot with Colton through an arranged marriage set up by her mother Clara. Colton’s family has influences due to their family is in the politics and Thornton family is a well known for being rich. Nancy Drew, while trying to find Jessalyn.


She unveils the truth of what happened about the terrible tragedy that happened decades ago to the beloved family member of Thornton family, Charlotte. She died in a suspicious fire the night of her 21st birthday.
Untitled-1Drawn by greed that Clara is afraid that she might get pushed away out of the family  because Charlotte has changed her will, removing Clara in the will and placing Harper. Clara tried to make a prank at Charlotte’s 21st birthday. She lit a match and try to scare Charlotte but the fire got out of control and it caused Charlotte’s Death.


Jessalyn was not kidnapped by a ghost, neither her being missing is a cold case.  But Jessalyn went on purpose to be a missing person just so she could stop her mother’s greed. Despite what had happened years back. Clara, although she did not intend to kill Charlotte she wished she could turn back the clock and re-write history. 44.png

And as for the ghost of Charlotte?…

I had a lot of sightings of her while playing this game and it sure is creepy fun!