My Game Collection

I am a gamer with specifics and I only collect my favorite ones even if i don’t play them that much anymore or at all😁.

Whenever i see my diablo 3 copy, it reminded me of how many miles i drove and how many stores i went just to get a physical copy during its hype days.  Nancy drew is also one of my favorites, i started to like this game when i played shadow at the water’s edge and its one of those casual games.
Starcraft? To be honest, i suck on RTS games so i only played it ones but the first starcraft i did play it years back.

 As you’ve noticed The Sims is my biggest collection in my rack for PC games and this is the only game aside from CS GO that I play until now. Most of the offline games and simulations i had played for PC only last a day or two. I get bored and then i dont play it anymore😤.
Recently they released the Sims 4. I am a bit disappointed on this game as they had removed the open world like the Sims 3 has. Yes, I hated it but I couldn’t take my hands off playing it because it feels like The Sims 2 with much better graphics.

I have been a fan of The Sims ever since and i know for sure, even on the years to come I will still be playing it👍🏻👍🏻

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