Snapshots from my beloved country..Philippines!


Welcome to my homeland, Pearl of the orient seas….The Philippines!

From November 18 to December 4 i get to roam around my country and its been 5 years since iv been here 👍 .Every time I see these tall pines from Baguio reminds me of Lake Tahoe and its one of my favorite places to go to in California.

One of the places i love in my country are the lovely churches.

 This cathedral is Our Lady of Manaoag. It is one of the churches that me and my family go to aside from the one we had in our town.

Back in the days when i don’t have nothing to do. I go and visit our town’s cathedral and just pray.


We only stayed for 17days so our time when we visited is quite constricted that almost everyday we are outdoors😁😂.  I never even had the chance to take a picture of the street foods in our town because i am too busy eating LOL!😂😂🐷🐽.

One of the places i have been very eager to visit is batangas and tagaytay. We stayed at Pico Sands hotel. Its a big resort and its very relaxing to stay there. The whole resort&country club is called Pico de Loro. They call the hotel, Pico sands. There are condos that you can rent from different owners and they call it country club.


The night we got there they have a live acoustic band performing at the beach and they serve drinks by the bar area.                              

On our way back home to my town passing by one of the towns. An eye catching christmas decor were placed in the town’s street plaza and its amazing how they created these decors made out of native materials.


This is one of the restaurants in my town  and their halo-halo in a coconut is my favorite!❤️ This beats the heat!☀️    

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