What if I don’t want to KEEP CALM…because its MONDAY!

Do you have the face of a rotten tomato? or a Drunkard’s walk during Monday mornings?. If you work in a medical field like me, alot of people hates monday and I can totally relate to my sim right here!
12-28-15_3-15-03 PM
and why is that?..

There goes your never ending line of patients being admitted, series of tests from head to toe and not to mention your Doctor’s orders from left to right.
12-28-15_2-49-58 PM 12-28-15_3-13-33 PM
12-28-15_3-19-05 PM
12-28-15_9-06-19 PM
Being in this line of work is hard. Your mind works during the whole shift, sometimes you forget to eat because you still need to give your patient’s medication and you just don’t have the time. You are worrying that your patient hasn’t pee in the last couple of hours when you yourself haven’t gone to the restroom since you started your shift.
12-28-15_2-49-38 PM
But no matter how busy and crazy our mondays are for us nurses, it is a rewarding career when the patient appreciates what you do for them and see them get back to their good health knowing that you have been a part of their care during their hospital stay and same goes for the different departments, either you work in the laboratory, radiology etc…,

To sum it up…you won’t last a day without patience and when I mean patience.. TONS of patience over what you already have.👍
12-28-15_2-49-31 PM

12-28-15_3-11-30 PM

12-28-15_2-47-44 PM

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