For the 3rd time…

This by far is one of my favorite game in a console. I played every single harvest moon there is😉 when I figured I can play this on PS3.  For the 3rd time I am playing this game and continuing what I left off couple months ago.


IMG_4251 IMG_4253

Well, I can’t remember whats what in my farm, the last time I played, so I am going to start refreshing my memory…

IMG_4256 IMG_4259

Its already 8:30am and I got no help from the sprites, they usually are early when they help me and it seems like I have to deal this on my own.😭 Its a good thing its raining and I don’t have to water my plants. Talk about over planting..I planted too much cucumbers.

IMG_4261 IMG_4263

With that tons of cucumber?! …man!..I’ve been harvesting for the whole day and just made it in time before this grumpy guy here comes to pick up my produce for the day.IMG_4265


I am lazy to roam around so I am calling the day off. Let’s see if the sprites comes by tomorrow or I suffer and tend my farm all by myself🙇.IMG_4268

Err..OK! this is not good. Did I miss something?😲 I am pretty sure I am friends with those sprites, for all i remember. If not, I have to make friends with them again by giving stuffs😒.IMG_4269 IMG_4271 (1) IMG_4273 (1) IMG_4274

I knew it!.. I am still friends with them, its just that they have this tea party. LOL!

IMG_4275Teh PartyI am starting to remember too that I had my house upgraded x1 and I chose Karen for my character’s wife and it still needed some work.

IMG_4272Now that I remember, I could continue playing this game. I usually play this game when I am cooking since our PS3 is located in the living room and because if I play at my PC , I am pretty sure I’l burn what I am cooking and that happens to me alot. 🙆

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