Sims 3: Repossession

Its funny because I came across reading a post from Sims 3 forums about Repo-man and here I am getting REKT!👾 at my Sim’s place by a repoman. I am playing Ms. Francisca Vanderburg in Hidden Springs and  I had so many things in my mind while playing and was busy sending her off to work because I spent all of her money furnishing her house. When I say “spent” , I really mean “$100” left in her pocket in case she needs a pizza 👌LOL! and …. Nope!.. I don’t want to cheat!.. I want her to have her “own” hard earned money because she is a “runaway”, well that is because she came from an elite family – town’s richest family.  The house’s name before I started playing her is named “Runaway” so I figured, and when I saw her relationship with the other Vanderburg , it seemed like she doesn’t get along with her parents. Because of the fact that she forgot to pay her bills, now …nothing is more humiliating than having the whole town to gossip about her. With her parent’s traits? , I am anticipating a more gaps into their relationship plus! … talk about the town’s rudeness! .Untitled










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