Archeage: Quest: Trade Run

I am not sure what exact level can you actually get this quest. I just randomly stumble with it while passing by Windshade. Basically  you will do trade run meaning, deliver a crafted item to a certain place. This quest , you will deliver it from Windshade to Dewstone Plains,the  Lilyut Oil.  You will need Dried Flowers, Olives and a Certificate. The hard part is, if you carry the trade pack, it slows down your speed  and you can’t use your mount (Elk,horse etc.) You  just walk and can’t run. At this quest you can get a donkey which is useful in doing your own trade runs around the region . First run is from Windshade to Dewstone Plains. It took me a long time before i got to Dewstone to complete the Trade run quest which will reward me a donkey. I decided to continue this quest and deliver the Dewstone  Fine Thread to Crescent Throne Port.

Carriage boarding in game is very useful when you do not have those farm cart for transportation. Dewstone Plains to Solzreed Peninsula is way too far for me to walk so I had to use the carriage + Donkey that I got from my first trade run quest since I do not own a farm cart yet.

This is Dewstone Plains Carriage post waiting area. I am waiting for the Carriage going to Solzreed Peninsula.


 Finally! the carriage is here! .. I get to sip my coffee while waiting LOL!
2015-07-12_00007Now travelling to Solzreed Peninsula!.. Lilyut hills off we go!



And almost there!..


Now!.. I am here, I have to use my donkey  to reach the Farmland route carriage post.

And of course I have to wait, like waiting for a bus at a bus stop LOL!. My next stop is Wardton and my final destination is Crescent Stone, which was literally at the the end of the map! how convenient!.



Reaching Wardon by means of my beloved little donkey,  I named her Tinee , coz she is little . I prefer to call my donkey a “SHE” , just my own presumption because the game did not designate a  gender specific for horses. I missed the carriage going to Crescent throne so I had to wait again, with Tinee 🙂

2015-07-12_00025Now its time for the final destination! Crescent Throne!… finally reaching this area takes me 30 mins real time LOL!.

2015-07-12_00027 2015-07-12_00029 2015-07-12_00033

When I reach Crescent  Port  to my surprise, I saw people from different faction and I was like.. Oh! No!!. I walk, rode my donkey and wait for carriage just to get here. I don’t want these guys robbing my trade pack. So I  had to hide on these small port cabins and sneak my way to the Trade run guy that takes the trade packs. I was so relieved when I was able to deliver it safely without being killed by these other factions. I was just lucky that my own faction came in and suddenly they start fighting LOL! canyons everywhere.!

2015-07-12_00035 2015-07-12_00037 2015-07-12_00041

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