Archeage: Echoes from the past quest.

This is about helping the Monolith researcher Miles in Solzreed Peninsula because he has to take his daughter Jenny back home. I actually helped his daughter to get her doll at the very top of the tree, which I wonder How did it get there.

2015-07-11_00009 2015-07-11_00011 2015-07-11_00015 2015-07-11_00019 2015-07-11_00023
According to Monolith researcher Richard , after the exodus from Auroria, the first settlers on Nuia wrote down their most important history and prophecy on these stones. The truth about these stones?, I still do not know. The quest was like an open ended sentence. But I am on my way to Desireen , part of Solzreed Peninsula. I have so many left over quests that i missed so, I hope I get a closure on this monolith story which really interests me. Despite this game’s cons , I still play it because I love the story even though getting a farm, a house, a transportation for trade runs are hard. I still love this game.  Not to mention this game has awesome graphics 🙂
2015-07-11_00024 2015-07-11_00025 2015-07-11_00026 2015-07-11_00027 2015-07-11_00028 2015-07-11_00029 2015-07-11_00030

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