Archeage: Trade Run gone wrong..

Me & the gang were off to do a trade-run. I am new to this game so I just follow them. We had these junks of food in our barrel that we crafted and carried it in our backs on our way to Sanddeep and off we went there to earn some money. Its a long way to that island. I believe its part of Nuia region. When this Seabug came and attacked us. The hard part of getting to that island is there is war happening in couple of areas, who knows ? we  pass by one of the ship and ambush us LOL!. The boat we got from a quest was a big help to getting back into our ship.. and at last! We reached our destination.

2015-07-02_00020 2015-07-02_00028 2015-07-02_00032 2015-07-02_00034 2015-07-02_00036 2015-07-02_00042 2015-07-02_00046

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