Archeage: Going back to playing with shameless selfies

     Archeage was originally released September 16, 2014, developed by XL games and published by Trion Worlds. Archeage gained a 7.4 community rating in, alot of positive comments on this game although there are negative ones too, but then each player has their own preferences so, in the world of games chances are either you like the game and continue playing or dislike the game, get pissed off , rage and quit💀. But as for me, I will still continue to play this game till I get bored. I had played a game similar to this called Wonderland Online under its a 2D turn-based battle similar to final fantasy, I never thought of playing that game for 3yrs. The only downside of that game for me is it switches your desktop to 16bit and If I am playing other games (I alt+tab “ALOT”😁) I get a black/white screen. I love that game and sometimes I feel like going back and playing it again. If the developers fix the color quality to 32bit then I would still be playing that game like before.

     Going back to Archeage,  I spent 15- 20 mins when it was first released and I stopped due to high volume of players that it will take me 1-2hours for me to connect to the server , even takes me half a day connecting. Now, they have alot of servers up and running. It is not crowded like before, wonder what happened.  When I went back to play this game yesterday, I started a new Elf Character with Occult skill set and so I started the whole story , even watched every cinematic which is eye catching. There are multiple things you can do in this game, you can craft , plant, gather, do fishing and even build your own house which is what I am always after when I want to play an MMORPG. I get the idea of killing monsters all the time , leveling up and aiming to be the riches or highest level player in game, but a side thing to do like these stuffs is fun 🐵.  Plus I like in game selfies specially this game has a good visual graphics.
2015-06-28_00018 2015-06-28_00023 2015-06-28_00030 2015-06-28_00038 2015-06-29_00004 2015-06-29_00010

5 thoughts on “Archeage: Going back to playing with shameless selfies

  1. I saw a trailer for this game through Tina Guo’s youtube feed since she does the voice for the intro music, Hum! I just might give it a try 🙂

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