My Steam Games Haul

steam haul

I am so waiting for this day to come and finally!! I can buy at least some from my wishlist, thanks to Steam for  having this massive sale from 20-80% off. I bought 4 from my wishlist.

1. Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale: I have been eyeing this game since it came out but spending $19.99 is just expensive, besides its only a casual game.

2. Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly & Captive Curse : I so love this game ever since I started playing the Shadow’s at water’s edge chapter. This is actually my 3rd purchase of Nancy Drew games at steam because I am lazy to go to the game stop store to purchase the physical copies. I have some physical copies of the old ones and I plan to collect them like my favorite game Sims 3.

3. Outlast : Its one of the horror games that I wanted to play and I have been choosing between this one & Evil within. I ended up buying Outlast because it has a higher positive review than  Evil within. I hope I made the right decision..will see 🙂

Steam Sale is on a limited time only but I hope they continue to do this sale for the whole summer days!!! ..gotta❤️ summer!! .. One happy gamer … satisfied!!!

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