The Sims 4 Impressions

09-10-14_10-34 PM

Like everyone in the Sims community, I am also excited and I have been anticipating the release of Sims 4.


I  spent 2 days playing this game and there are things I like and I don’t like.

❥ Graphics – this game’s graphics is really smooth ,vibrant and clean .My game is running on Ultra settings  the very first time I played this game and even after playing for hours with a couple of save games ,I haven’t had any lag issues.  The game’s interface is also sleek clean and user friendly.

graphics settings

❥ The Sims Big personalities – Its fun seeing how your Sims feel and how their feelings would change from Playful to Fine, to Angry etc.  This I think is one of TS4’s assets in game which we don’t have in The Sims 3.


❥ TS4 CAS ( Create – A – Sim) Interface has very simple and very different from TS3. Now you can have walk styles, adjust the sim’s body w/o slider. But the only thing I wish they had included is the color wheel for color adjustments in clothing, hair etc. for custom colors., because CAS has limited selections of color you can choose. For clothing I feel like they need to add more type of clothing, In TS3 they have a bunch of different style of clothes which I really like even just playing its base game.

As simple as it is with the Aspiration, I feel like its incomplete. If I would compare it to The Sims 3, TS3 has quite covered all aspects of aspiration in their base game. I noticed there is no aspiration for Medical Field.  Maybe they would add more “if” they are going to release an expansion for this game which they said they currently can’t provide us info about future expansions.

❥ The Sims 4 World? to be honest I don’t like it. I like the seamless neighborhood from The Sims 3 where you can navigate around freely, and I feel like I am playing back to TS 1 & 2.

I also don’t like the idea of fishing where you click that sign,fishingI still love TS3 – fish anywhere lol!. Not to mention about visiting other people’s house in the neighborhood it loads like a portal in an MMO. In TS3 the sim just ring the doorbell and it doesn’t need to load.   Besides having these cons, there are alot of cool features you see in this game too like you can easily share your creations online in game , easily building tools I hate the fact that this game does’nt even haveerrrr a pool for sims and while currently the game developers can’t speak about future expansions  I am still looking forward that they would release an expansion of this game to make it more interesting.




After 2 days of playing.. I got bored and went back to TS3 because there are so much features in TS3 that I can’t play in TS4. bored



I consider the fact that TS4 is only a base game and who knows?!, they would release an expansion or something to make alot of changes in the game, But when TS3 base game first came out, it didn’t fail my expectation as oppose to TS4.

My biggest hope for this game is to have a seamless neighborhood, I really like the seamless neighborhood in TS3 which makes me play TS3 more than TS4. To me it looks like I am playing the Sims 4 from facebook lol! if anyone of you have played that you’ll know !.


If the developer decides to make this game to have a seamless neighborhood , that would be awesome! and I am pretty sure the simmers like me would be very pleased to have freedom in their own neighborhood worlds.