5 things about girls in the gaming industry.

1. Panda Eyes : 
I200_sts not always but  I am guessing about 90% of every gender in the gaming industry has dark circles LOL! and I am one of them the only thing that covers it up? my magic concealer for No more zombie eyes!

2. Buying branded Rig over Fancy Branded Bags and makeups: nokikaysOthers may or may not but I do buy branded bags & makeups  sometimes but 90% of my purchases were for my computer build. I do love gaming as it is my hobby.



3. Lazy to drive, but willing to drive more than 20miles for a Game copy: I did this when Diablo 3 and Sims 3  were just recently out in the market for sale, the hype for Diablo 3 back then were crazy that I had to go to six Gamestop and two Target Stores .  My husband too did this to some of his  game copies that he really wants to have. Well,  like husband like wife! LOL!

4. Love to Party in Game for Level up but rarely goes to a social party: As we all know, girls love parties. I could say its not being antisocial but some people tend to have more fun playing computer games other than going out to club , get drunk and dance like crazy.

5. No time management: When you play, you don’t notice the time and might forget something you are doing or forget to eat . I had an incident where I almost burned the meat I was cooking while playing. After that, whenever I cook meals I would really AFK! ..LOL! I don’t want to burn down the house.

So if you scored at least 3/5 welcome to girl’s gaming world! , if you scored 5/5 congrats! your a geek but pls don’t burn down your house or get sick for not eating!,..LOL! ..